Avoiding Computer Problems In the First Place

How Repairable Is a Computer That Won't Turn On?

One of the most common computer repair issues is a system that just won't turn on. The computer either doesn't even show a power indicator light or it seems like it's powering up but does nothing. You might wonder if your system is fixable in this condition so let's look at what might be affecting it. 

No Noises

As strange as it sounds, no noises may be good news. Oftentimes, there are no noises because the problem is relatively simple. For example, the power supply might be shot. A technician will just need to test the other components and replace the power supply if it's the problem. Similar issues can occur with broken power buttons.

Bear in mind there is the small possibility of a bunch of components shorting at once. With the exception of lightning storms, blackouts, and power surges, this is an unlikely scenario. If one of those exceptions did hit, the computer should have failed immediately and not given you time to shut it down so you should know roughly what the cause was.

The Fans Spin, but Nothing Happens

You're probably looking at a slightly more complex fix, but this is still usually a repairable issue. This can happen if the CPU has failed, for example. It's not the cheapest fix, and you might want to look at upgrading the CPU and the motherboard at the same time. However, in terms of the general likelihood of repair, this is not the worst of all possible scenarios in most cases.

If you're super lucky, it may be a cheaper problem like a failed system battery. Usually, someone at a computer repair shop just has to replace the battery and redo the settings to get the system back up.

The System Beeps

You're probably in luck here. If you hear beeps, the motherboard is definitely running. There's also a good chance the CPU is still operating. Faulty RAM sticks can produce this problem.

A damaged video card is another possibility. The video card could be an expensive computer repair proposition if you have a very high-end system. Notably, this is another case where you may want to upgrade rather than just replacing what was there.

Is Your Machine Fixable?

Most likely, the answer is yes. Even if it isn't fully repairable, there's a good chance you should be able to recover your data. Keep the computer turned off and unplugged. Take it to a computer repair professional so they can give you a definitive answer.