Avoiding Computer Problems In the First Place

How Secure Internet-Hosted Desktop Solutions Boost Business Efficiency

Do you feel that your IT hardware and skills are limiting your productivity? The conventional model of tying business productivity to computing power and staff IT skills has limitations. Hosted desktop solutions enable your business to access software apps hosted on a remote server instead of installing them on your local computer. How can secure internet-hosted desktop solutions boost your business productivity? 

Faster Deployment of Apps 

Do you find it cumbersome to hire temporary IT staff to install, update, or configure software? It is common for businesses without IT skills to bring in temporary help to set up specialist apps like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Sometimes you might be unsure of the software you need. This way of deploying apps is inefficient and slow in response in a quick-moving business environment.

With a secure internet-hosted desktop, you don't have to worry about app setup. The hosted desktop provided handles this task at the server end. You only have to specify the apps you need, and the provider sets them up in minutes. They have the technical staff to configure apps to suit your business needs. 

In the conventional desktop model, you must install an app on all computers for team members who need it. With a hosted desktop, you install the app only once. The team members can then access the app from their local desktops. It is faster and more efficient.

Faster Scaling Up and Down 

How fast can you respond to increased business demand? You should be able to scale up your business operations fast to take advantage of opportunities as they come. It is common for businesses to take on extra staff when there is increased business activity. It also demands the deployment of more hardware, setting up apps, and training. This cumbersome process misses out on the opportunity. 

Using secure internet-hosted desktop solutions allows faster scaling up. Your new hires can use their own devices to access hosted apps. You only need to train them. You can have them on the job in a few hours. It enables a faster response to a surge in demand. Scaling down is also easy. You only need to communicate the need for lower virtual computing power to the solutions provider. 

More Flexibility in Human Resources 

Hiring local specialists can be very expensive for a small business. Sometimes the skills are not available. Hosted desktops allow flexibility in working with remote workers wherever they are available. It makes labor costs cheaper and the business more adaptable to new challenges in the business environment.  

Is your business being held back by limitations in IT hardware and skills? Talk to a secure internet-hosted desktop solutions provider to thrive in today's business environment.