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What To Consider When Setting Up Your Managed Backup Solution

Are you getting prepared to implement a managed backup solution at your business? This can be a great way to ensure that your data is protected at all times because the backups of your server will happen automatically. However, you need to make some decisions about how these managed backups will happen. Here are a few things to consider when setting everything up.

Backup Times

You need to make a decision about what time of day backups will happen, especially if they are happening daily. Will the backup occur just once per day, or will it be happening every single hour? The frequency of the backups can certainly help if data is lost and you have employees working on time-sensitive tasks that you cannot afford for them to recreate. 

If you are limiting backups to once per day, you need to decide at what time of day the backups will happen. Consider having them take place after normal business hours so you'll know for sure that each daily backup contains all of the work that was completed on that day.

Backup Frequency

You must also decide on how frequently you want the backups to happen. Some people need backups to happen every single day, while others may only need them on a weekly basis. This may depend on how much data you need to back up and the size of the disk you are backing things up to.

One of the benefits of less frequent backups is that it will not purge the old data as quickly. This can help you go further back into the archived data if you need to recover a file, which may be necessary if you realize a file was deleted or modified way in the past and you need to get to an original version. 

Backup Bandwidth 

You need to dedicate a set amount of bandwidth to your managed backups, especially if they are going to the cloud where they will live off-site. Consider how much bandwidth your company can dedicate to the managed backup and if you need to upgrade your Internet service for faster speeds. You do not want the managed backup solution to slow down the Internet connection for all your employees if it needs to happen during the day. You may need to throttle how much data the managed backup solution uses so that a portion of it will always remain for employees to get their daily tasks done.