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Business Phone Systems: 3 Features You Don't Want To Overlook

Congratulations on deciding that your business needs a business phone system to help manage day-to-day needs more efficiently. However, your decision making is not done. You also need to consider certain features that are often offered with business phone systems that can prove to be particularly beneficial to your business.

1. Conferencing

With conferencing as a feature on your phone system, you will save time and money, while also improving efficiency and communication. This feature enables companies to hold business meetings that allow participants from any location – within the same city or country or across the world – to call in and join from any device – a mobile device, traditional landline, or even an IP softphone. Also, you don't need to purchase expensive equipment.

Another option to take into consideration is video conferencing. With this particular feature, you can take part in more productive business meetings. You can minimize business travel of your employees and add more face-to-face time with your vendors and clients, which makes things more personable. In the end, it's a win-win.

2. Auto Attendant

With your business receiving hundreds, possibly even thousands, of calls every single day, it is hard for a receptionist to keep up. In some cases, there are probably lots of calls that are dropped day in and day out because of your receptionist being unable to do so.

With the auto attendant feature, dropped calls are something that you never have to worry about again. This feature ensures that every person that calls into your business is met with an automated greeting, which provides the caller with an options menu of how their call can be directed. This greeting can be customized based on your business. It can answer calls during and after business hours so that no caller is ever left in the dark.

3. Mobile Extension

How many times have callers called into the office and needed to speak to someone only to find out that they weren't in right now? Depending on the nature of your business, many of your employees may actually work most of their day out in the field (out of the office). If this is the case, they need to be able to take calls while out in the field. However, they may not want callers to have access to their mobile number.

The mobile extension feature integrates employees' mobile phones into the business phone system. Calls are simply forwarded to the employee's mobile phone and the caller is not provided with the cell phone number of the employee, and they do not have to dial an extra extension.

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