Avoiding Computer Problems In the First Place

A Few Options For Removing A Virus From Your Personal Computer

Whether you use your computer for work or for play, having a virus is never a good thing. Some viruses have the ability to sneak into your computer and grab personal data that can be damaging to your finances and others will wipe out hours of work and productivity. Viruses can also affect how your computer runs. They can slow it down to a crawl, cause pop-ups to keep coming, or destroy the operating system. Here are a few options you have for PC virus removal.

Anti-virus Software

One of the first steps to caring for the health of your computer is having anti-virus software installed. This will monitor your system for viruses and malware. It will alert you to websites that may be harmful to your system and attempt to keep anything from being downloaded onto it. You will need to allow the program to update itself with new virus information regularly. However, because new viruses are created all the time, the program may allow one onto your computer. Sometimes, a scan done by the software will find viruses and may be able to remove them.

Online Help

It is possible to contact a computer repair company and have them fix your system over the internet. You will need to connect your system to theirs to have this done. They will have access to everything on your computer and will scan it to find the problem. Technology has made it so you do not need to sit and your computer to have this done as they can even shut down the system and have it come back on for them to continue their work. This saves you from having to disconnect everything and take the PC into a shop.

At-home Service Call

Some companies will send a technician to your home to work on your system. This may be necessary if the unit cannot be repaired online. The technician will need to know all the specs on your pc to be sure to bring all the needed software and parts. You will need to be home for this, but do not need to take the system apart.

Shop Repairs

You may choose to disconnect your pc from the monitor, keyboard, and mouse to take it into a shop. The technician will give you an approximate time the work will be completed and an estimate on the cost. If anything changes, you will be notified before the work is done. This may be your best option as the shop is sure to have everything it needs and there will be more than one technician available if extra help is needed.

No matter which method you choose, you need to be sure that the virus is completely removed from the system. Ask the technician to run a complete scan and leave the results for you to see. Also, ask for any virus protection software you have on the unit to be updated and upgraded to avoid further problems.