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3 Tips For Improving Your Computer's Internet Speed While Streaming Videos

While you are trying to stream videos on your computer, you may find that it tends to buffer the content every few minutes. If you are faced with this frustrating problem, the issue may lie with your internet speed. Try the following tips for improving your computer's internet speed while streaming online videos.

Check Your Computer for Viruses

One thing that could be interfering with your computer's internet speed is a hidden virus somewhere on your hard drive. Even if you have virus protection software, a Trojan or worm could have gotten through the program's initial scan. 

To see if you may have a virus eating up your resources, run a full virus scan using your software. Make sure you do a deep scan that looks at all of the files on your computer.

If none are detected, make sure your program is fully updated, and run the scan again. If nothing is reported, you most likely do not have a virus messing with your internet speed.

Reset Your Modem

The next thing you can try is resetting your modem. If it has been a while since you last did this, the modem may be bogged down with information. Resetting it can help free up the internal resources and help improve the speed.

However, do not simply hit the reset button on the back of the modem. To test to see if this is causing your slow internet speed, you want to do a hard reset. This type of reset is done by simply unplugging the modem for a few minutes, then letting it reboot. 

Plug Your Computer into the Modem

If resetting your modem did not give your internet speed a boost, try plugging the computer directly into the modem. While wireless internet is convenient, it does decrease the speeds slightly while it travels through the air to your computer's modem.

Once you have connected your computer to the modem, you should see some increase in the internet speed. However, if you do not see much of a difference and still cannot watch your videos, it is a good possibility that your internet speed is too slow for the job.

After trying the above tips, you may decide that your internet connection is too slow to stream large videos. If so, contact a 100mbps internet provider to discuss your options for upgrading your internet plan and speed so you can enjoy the movies and videos you want without the constant interruptions.