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Business Computer Theft Prevention - How To Paint Your Computer A Unique Color

If you own a business and travel often to meet with clients, customers, and suppliers, then you probably bring your laptop with you. Your laptop is likely one of the most important business items that you own. Protection against thefts and information loss are vital, and this is why you probably have encryption programs, asset tags, and laptop locks.

You should know that about one in every ten laptops are stolen though, and this means that you need to deter thieves from picking up your computer and walking away with it. A good way to do this is to make your laptop stand out from everyone else's. This way, you can easily identify your laptop at all times and a thief will have a far more difficult time pretending that they own the computer once it is picked up.

Gather Your Supplies

Supply List:

  • Plastic or metal spray paint
  • Clear coat paint
  • Scrap newspapers
  • Painter's tape
  • Printer paper
  • Toothpicks

When you buy your spray paint, make sure that you purchase a product that is meant for the type of materials that your computer is made out of. You can buy general-use spray paint if your computer is made out of metal, but you need to buy special plastic spray paint if your computer is made out of plastic. Plastic spray paints create a tight bond between the plastic and the paint. Otherwise, the paint will crack and chip soon after application.  

When you choose your spray paint, consider buying a pink, orange, or purple colored paint. Fluorescent colors or pastel tones are also a good idea. Some computer companies already offer primary colored computers. You do not want your laptop to look like one of these devices. 

Purchase a can of clear coat paint at the store as well. If you want the best protection, consider purchasing a polyurethane spray that is meant to sit over vehicle paint. This type of paint is meant to withstand both heat and pressure, and the paint will also protect your computer from harmful UV rays.

Clean and Cover Your Computer

After you purchase all of your supplies, make sure to fully clean the exterior of your computer with a degreasing agent to remove the dirt and the oils that have transferred from your hands. This is wise, so the paint can stick properly. Vinegar is a natural degreasing agent you can use, so pour a small amount of the fluid on a rag and wipe down the exterior of your computer. Wet a rag with water afterwards to remove the vinegar.

Once you clean your laptop, measure the screen and the keyboard area and cut out two pieces of printer paper that match each of your dimensions. Place the two pieces of paper together that match the size of the screen and attach painter's tape to the outside edge. Secure the tape to the edges of the computer screen. Repeat the process to cover your keyboard and use painter's tape alone to cover the touchpad, outside lettering, video camera, and the crevice between the keyboard and screen. Vents, speakers, USB inputs, and other openings should be covered as well.

After you secure the tape, use a toothpick around edges to make sure the tape sticks inside crevices and small openings.

Paint Your Laptop

Spread your newspapers on the floor of your garage, basement, or another work area. Open windows inside the area so the space is well-ventilated. Spray paint releases volatile organic compounds that do not evaporate. These chemicals can easily enter the lungs when you use the paint and this can reduce the amount of oxygen that you are able to pull into your lungs.

Open up your laptop and place it on the newspapers. Shake your can of spray paint for about 30 seconds and remove the cap. Hold the can about six inches away from the laptop and point the spray nozzle about two inches to the side of the computer. Gently press on the button and slowly sweep the nozzle over your computer. Stop spraying once a thin layer of paint covers the laptop. Thin layers of paint are best to cover the computer consistently and to prevent drips.

Paint the back cover of your computer when you are done. Wait about 10 minutes and add another thin layer of paint. Do this three separate times and then allow the spray paint to dry completely for about 24 hours. After the paint is dry, add three more thin layers of paint. Wait another 24 hours and then paint the bottom of your laptop. Once the laptop is completely dry, use the same technique to add layers of clear coat to the surface of the laptop.

Remove the Tape

After the clear coat dries on the exterior of your laptop, you need to remove the tape. Painter's tape can pull up small amounts of paint if it is not removed the right way. Use a toothpick to gently remove the tape along an edge and pull the tape away from the computer at a 90 degree angle. If a small amount of adhesive is left behind, use either alcohol or acetone to release the glue.

If you travel with your laptop when you go on business trips, then you probably use asset tags and other devices to protect the machine from thefts. Criminals still may try to steal your laptop and a good way to prevent this from happening is by painting your laptop so it appears unique.